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Therapy for Life Changes

Find support for divorce, career shifts, moving, empty nest syndrome, and more. Get specialized therapy strategies for life's transitions.
Water Droplets on Green Succulent Plant. Therapy for Major Life Changes in NYC can help you with life transitions. Learn more about how our therapist in New York City can help you. Washington, DC, Philadelphia, PA, Alexandria, VA, and New Jersey residents can get life transitions therapy via online therapy here too.
Therapy for Life Changes

Life has not been the same...

Since you’ve been navigating the uncharted waters of divorce. Since changing careers. Since moving to a different place. Since your children went away to college. Since losing your best friend. Since leaving home. Since losing your ability. Things don’t feel the same, but you’re not sure why. Big changes can feel like a loss. And when we lose things, we often need to grieve them.

You're unsure what to call what you're experiencing - is it just depression a phase who I am ?

You're starting to notice:

  • You miss how things used to be
  • That you are longing for what once was
  • Life doesn’t feel the same
  • That you’re feeling so many different things at the same time – anger, sadness, regret, anxiety, frustration, nostalgia, yearning, confusion, ambivalence.
  • It’s hard to even describe how and what you’re feeling

Therapy for Life Changes can help.

Though it may seem impossible to imagine, life changes can help us to grow towards an even greater version of ourselves. Changes can move us without uprooting us. I can help you get there.

How it works

Therapy for life changes can help you:

  • Learn that when we lose things or experience significant change, we often need help grieving
  • Understand that death can be metaphorical rather than literal
  • Gain space for your grief to be witnessed
  • Discover that your numerous feelings about life changes deserve to be seen and heard
  • Reconnect with meaning, purpose, and direction
  • Find joy again
  • Write your next chapter and redefine life after life change

I'm here to help.

I’ll be here with you every step of the way, offering guidance and support as we navigate this journey together. Moreover, I’ll ensure that each step is carefully customized to meet your unique needs and circumstances.

Above all, my approach to therapy for life changes comes from a place of compassion and hope. Not only do I believe that your experience is significant, but I also understand that you don’t have to shoulder the burden of grief alone. Together, we can find light in the darkness of grief and life change.

Life changes can move our souls without disturbing our foundations.

Together, we can work with, rather than against, your life change and help you grow into an even better, more authentic version of yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • In the first few sessions, we will talk about what brings you to therapy and what your goals are. As a relationally focused, psychodynamically oriented psychologist, I make sure to regularly check-in with you to see how your experience of therapy is going. It is my top priority to make sure we have a good connection with each other and that you are getting what you hope for out of our sessions together.
  • Therapy for non-death loss gives you the space to have your experience of loss be heard and help you write your next chapter of life after loss.

As therapy is as unique as your fingerprint, the length of your therapy will be the same: unique to you regaining your peace and finding balance in life again. For some, this takes little time, for others, it may take longer. Your unique needs come first and are a priority in determining length of time in therapy.

  • While there are no firm guarantees, I can tell you that healing and growth are possible. You can live a more balanced life where your needs are met. I witness this healing and growth daily!
  • Numerous studies confirm the profound impact of the therapeutic relationship in therapy, fostering healing, resilience, and personal growth. This bond, built on trust, compassion, and understanding, provides a safe haven where individuals feel seen, valued, and empowered. This is why it’s so important to determine whether we are a good fit with each other!

Book some time on my schedule for a complimentary consultation that goes beyond a mere appointment. Your comfort and connection with your psychologist matter deeply, and together we’ll navigate this decision, ensuring you find the right fit for your unique needs.

Much like a tree, feeling battered by the wind and rain of a storm, we can feel off balance due to life changes.

Let me help you rediscover your roots so you can grow stronger after the storm clears.