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Therapy for Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents

Being the adult child of an emotionally immature parent can look like many things. Ultimately, whatever it looks like, the common experience is that your emotional needs (and sometimes other needs) weren’t met as a child, when they were most needed.

Therapy can help you reconnect with your inner child, helping you learn what they needed most at the time and meeting those needs now as an adult. Through this healing, therapy can help you reconnect with yourself and improve your relationship with others, moving you towards a more authentic self.

Therapy for Anxiety

Anxiety looks like many things. It can look like irritability and having a short fuse. Like nothing goes your way. It can feel like being in quicksand, overwhelming and out-of-control. Or, it can feel like an elephant sitting on your chest, refusing to move.

Therapy can help ease that anxiety, helping you learn about it and understand what’s causing it to show up. How it’s trying to help you, albeit in an unhelpful way. Therapy can help you develop the tools needed to reduce it’s influence in your life, helping you find peace.

Therapy for Attachment Trauma

Much like being the adult child of an emotional immature parent, if you experienced attachment trauma or injury, you likely didn’t receive what was needed when it mattered most (often this means as a child). One of the fundamental unspoken questions that seeks to be answered in childhood from our primary caregivers is “will you be there for me when I need?” If this didn’t happen for you, attachment trauma or attachment injury may be a challenge you are facing.

Therapy can help you connect with your inner child, helping you heal what trauma or injury you experienced. It can help you be what you needed for yourself, developing a secure attachment, not just with yourself but with others as well.

Therapy for Grief

They say death ends a life but not a relationship. Grief may not even be over actual death, but around metaphorical death. The death of what could be. There are many types of grief and loss, all of which are difficult. You might be feel numb or like you’re keeping your head barely above water. Or just going through the motions.

Psychotherapy can help you move through the overwhelming experience that is grief. We are forever changed by loss, but that does not mean we are forever lost. Therapy can help us reconnect to meaning and purpose, moving through and with our grief, rather than over it.

Therapy for Life Transitions

Life is full of transitions. Some say one of the only constants in life is change. That doesn’t make them any easier. Transitions could be many things: growing apart from friends or family, divorce, a break up, changing jobs, having a child, etc.

Therapy can help you navigate transitions without feeling ungrounded. Therapy can help you process the transition and gain perspective, while making sure you’re taking care of yourself.

Therapy for Relationship Issues

Our lives are full of relationships and they are some of the most difficult things we do. Maybe you’re constantly arguing with your partner and it never seems like you can reach a resolution. Or you struggle with feeling heard in your friendship. Perhaps advocating for yourself with your boss proves to be overwhelming.

Therapy can be helpful in getting to the root of what is causing your relationship issues. Giving you perspective on the pattern and giving thought to how to improve it.

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Hi, I'm Dr. Amanda Mead. I am a psychologist who is here to help.

I am a compassionate, deep, safe Psychologist that can help you live their best lives. I provide care for those experiencing high stress, confusion about their past, and feeling overwhelmed in life.

What makes me different: I listen carefully and read between the lines uncovering what might really be going on underneath.

Congratulations for taking the first step in seeking help! I know personally how vulnerable it can feel. That is why I bring optimism, hope, perseverance, and compassion to my clinical work and will walk alongside you in your journey to greater insight, self-awareness, and growth.

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