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Let's help you name the unnameable

So that you can reconnect with meaning, purpose, and direction.

Get to the heart of what’s going on for you and find joy again. Life might not feel like it used to, but things can feel right and fall back into place again. You don’t have to carry the weight of your loss alone. You can have connected, authentic relationships with others and yourself. It is possible to feel restored again and shed the cycle of burnout. You are enough

Whether you’re looking for therapy to help you name and heal from your experiences or you’re looking for psychological testing to put together the unique puzzle that is your life, you’ve come to the right place. I help adults throughout the United States name the unnameable and help you be seen and heard for exactly who you are.

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About Me

Meet Dr. Amanda Mead

Hello there and welcome! I’m so glad you’re here. I’m Dr. Amanda Mead. I am here to walk alongside you in this journey and wade deep in the waters of the unconscious. It is my honor to help you understand how endlessly complex we are as human beings, naming the unnameable. And most importantly, help you become the author of your own narrative again.

The Process

Ready to write your next chapter?


Reach out today

Connect with me for a free 15-minute consultation. Let’s both make sure that we are a good fit for each other.


Let’s name the unnameable together

Through meeting weekly or biweekly, we can sort through all the unique complex layers of you, giving space to all of your experiences. Together, we can get to the root of your challenges and work towards long-term solutions and healing.


Honor your life story and celebrate your new chapter

Through your healing in therapy, you can again feel like things are falling back into place. That we’ve named the unnameable. That you’ve conquered the mountain. And that you get to celebrate and honor you. Carry all you’ve achieved and healed with you into your next chapter as the author of your life story. You made it!

Let’s name the unnameable.

You and your story deserve it. Start writing a new chapter today.

We are as deep as the ocean, as beautiful as the night sky, and as complex as a novel. We contain multitudes and each one of your unique chapters deserves to be seen, heard, and recognized. Together, we can honor your story and help you write the next chapter, with you as the author