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Therapy for Divorce

Specialized therapy for those navigating divorce. Discover deep healing, understand past patterns, and embark on your transformative journey.
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Where did it all go wrong?

Things haven’t been right for a while. Life feels like it’s falling apart. It’s hard to know which end is up. A relationship that once felt like everything is now ending – for good. Sleep may feel like a stranger lately. You might find yourself wondering – How do I move forward? How do I communicate this to my kids? It’s all so overwhelming…will my life ever feel ok again?

It’s a whirlwind, the feelings you have about it all - sadness, anger, resentment, frustration, maybe even relief

You're noticing:

  • The house feels different, quieter
  • Walking through this experience feels lonely and isolating
  • It doesn’t feel like others get it
  • You want to better understand the past and how it all fell apart
  • You wonder, who am I now?

Can I get a do-over?

Deep healing, profound change, and transformation are possible after divorce. Online therapy can help.

It may seem hard to imagine, but this divorce doesn’t have to define your life. You deserve to transform your life and relationships and write your next chapter. I can help you get there.

How it works

Through therapy, you can:

  • Understand and unlearn the patterns and habits that led you towards divorce
  • Learn how to seek healthier, more authentic relationships
  • Feel heard, when you feel you’ve lost yourself and your way.
  • Reconnect with meaning, purpose, and direction.
  • Find joy again
  • Write your next chapter

After the darkness comes the light. I'm here to help.

I’ll stand beside you as we navigate this journey together, making sure that each step is customized to suit your unique needs and circumstances with care.

My approach to therapy comes from a place of compassion and hope, from the belief that you don’t have to go this alone, and that together we can transform our struggles.

The story of your life doesn't end with this divorce.

Let's write your next chapter together.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • In the first few sessions, we will talk about what brings you to therapy and what your goals are. As a relationally focused, psychodynamically oriented psychologist, I make sure to regularly check-in with you to see how your experience of therapy is going. It is my top priority to make sure we have a good connection with each other and that you are getting what you hope for out of our sessions together.
  • Therapy for divorce gives you the space to have your experience be heard and help you write your next chapter.

As therapy is as unique as your fingerprint, the length of your therapy will be the same: unique to you regaining your peace and finding balance in life again. For some, this takes little time, for others, it may take longer. Your unique needs come first and are a priority in determining length of time in therapy.

  • While there are no firm guarantees, I can tell you that healing and growth are possible. You can live a more balanced life where your needs are met. I witness this healing and growth daily!
  • Numerous studies confirm the profound impact of the therapeutic relationship in therapy, fostering healing, resilience, and personal growth. This bond, built on trust, compassion, and understanding, provides a safe haven where individuals feel seen, valued, and empowered. This is why it’s so important to determine whether we are a good fit with each other!

Book some time on my schedule for a complimentary consultation that goes beyond a mere appointment. Your comfort and connection with your psychologist matter deeply, and together we’ll navigate this decision, ensuring you find the right fit for your unique needs.

Divorce is a turning point, not the final chapter.

Start writing your next one today.