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Therapy for Grief and Loss

Therapy offers solace when the burden of sorrow is overwhelming. Get specialized therapy to help you break free of the weight of grief.
Succulent Plant Growing between Rocks representing the growth that can occur with Grief Therapy in NYC. Therapy for grief and loss can be available for New York City, Philadelphia, PA, Alexandria, VA, New Jersey, New Hampshire, and beyond via online grief therapy.
Therapy for Grief and Loss

Time stopped for you while the world kept moving.

You have begun to feel that the weight of sorrow has become too burdensome to bear alone. The pain of your loss may have started to seep into every facet of your life, coloring even the simplest of moments with an indescribable heaviness. Once vibrant colors of life have dulled, shifting to black, white, and gray. Perhaps your days have become clouded with a profound sense of emptiness. Sleep may be a distant acquaintance and isolation may feel all-consuming, with loved ones struggling to understand the depth of your grief.

You're starting to notice:

  • Life doesn’t feel the same as it used to be
  • You are swimming in a constant mix of emotions – anger, sadness, yearning, confusion.
  • Everyday tasks can feel insurmountable as your grief weighs you down
  • That you are longing for what once was
  • You feel lost and confused, unsure how to navigate life after loss

You might be afraid to let go of your grief - that by letting go, you risk forgetting someone or something important to you.

Therapy for Grief and Loss can help.

It may feel impossible now, but you can lighten the heavy weight of grief. You can rediscover joy and the meaning in life. You can find hope again. And I can help you get there.

Find a life raft in the ocean of grief when it feels like the waves keep crashing and the storm keeps raging.

How it works

Therapy for grief and loss can help you:

  • Feel heard, when you feel you’ve lost yourself and your way.
  • Reconnect with meaning, purpose, and direction.
  • Redefine life after death
  • Find joy again

I'm here to help.

I’ll be here by your side, guiding you through this journey, ensuring that each step is thoughtfully tailored to your individual needs and circumstances.

Moreover, my approach to therapy for grief and loss comes from a place of compassion and hope. I strongly believe that you don’t have to shoulder the burden of grief alone. With my guidance, we can find light in the darkness of grief, together.

Your loss doesn’t have to define your life.

Get started today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • In the first few sessions, we will talk about what brings you to therapy and what your goals are. As a relationally focused, psychodynamically oriented psychologist, I make sure to regularly check-in with you to see how your experience of therapy is going. It is my top priority to make sure we have a good connection with each other and that you are getting what you hope for out of our sessions together.
  • Therapy for grief and loss gives you the space to have your experience be heard and help you write your next chapter of life after death.

As therapy is as unique as your fingerprint, the length of your therapy will be the same: unique to you regaining your peace and finding balance in life again. For some, this takes little time, for others, it may take longer. Your unique needs come first and are a priority in determining length of time in therapy.

  • While there are no firm guarantees, I can tell you that healing and growth are possible. You can live a more balanced life where your needs are met. I witness this healing and growth daily!
  • Numerous studies confirm the profound impact of the therapeutic relationship in therapy, fostering healing, resilience, and personal growth. This bond, built on trust, compassion, and understanding, provides a safe haven where individuals feel seen, valued, and empowered. This is why it’s so important to determine whether we are a good fit with each other!

Book some time on my schedule for a complimentary consultation that goes beyond a mere appointment. Your comfort and connection with your psychologist matter deeply, and together we’ll navigate this decision, ensuring you find the right fit for your unique needs.

You can find hope again.

I can help you find light in the darkness of your grief.